How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself Fast And Cheap


Bed bugs can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. Whether you hire a pest control company or get rid of them yourself, they may still survive the first attempt at getting rid of them.

You are now about to learn the basic procedure of how to get rid of bed bugs yourself fast and cheap. You can get rid of the little blood suckers doing your own home extermination treatment. The truth is, if you do it correctly, it can be as effective as hiring an exterminator to do it for you.

Most pest control companies will blame you if your infestation comes back after they complete the treatment. If you hire and pay them most of them do not offer any guarantees of the insects staying gone. Because they really can’t make that claim because any number of circumstances could bring the infestation back to the home.

If you hire an exterminator to do your treatment and the problem comes back shortly after, the money you spent is gone and you’ll have to pay again. If you do your own home extermination and the they come back, you can just apply the treatment again. Buying your own supplies can be a lot less expensive than hiring a professional pest control company.

In order for you to successfully apply your own home treatment you will need to invest in your own products and supplies. After you have ordered your required products, you are ready to move forward with your DIY bed bug treatment. You will need to do one initial treatment and then two to four follow up treatments every two weeks.

Step 1 is preparation. You will want to go through your home and throw away any items you no longer want or use. The more clutter you have, the more places they have to hide. Remove all clutter from the floor.

Next, you want to wash your sheets, pillow cases and blankets. Wash your bedding in hot water. Then dry on high heat for 45 minutes to an hour. For the next couple months, you may want to do this every week.

Then vacuum the floor very thoroughly. Make sure to vacuum against the edges of the carpet and edges of all furniture.

Move your bed a few inches away from the wall and all other furniture. Keep it this way the next couple months, until you complete all follow up treatments. This will make it more difficult for them to gain access to you while you’re sleeping.

Step 2 apply the spray. Here is where you begin to kill bed bugs yourself. It is important that you invest in a powerful treatment spray. There are many brands of spray available. You will find some brands that come in little spray bottles. You need one of the sprays that comes in a large gallon container with the special spray nozzle attachment.

Be sure you are very thorough in your spray treatment. Spray behind wall hangings, behind electrical outlets, behind and under all furniture, inside drawers, under lamps and table lamps, your mattress, etc. You probably want to wear a mask and protective eye wear during the treatment.

Step 3 put on a bed bug mattress cover. After the spray dries, you will want to put on a protective cover over your mattress, box spring and pillows. The protective cover will trap any bed bugs that are still alive and will protect your mattress from being vulnerable to new bed bugs hiding there. This is a huge step in preventing another infestation to break out.

Step 4 apply Diatomaceous Earth to protect you and your home. Diatomaceous Earth is also called bed bug powder. They die when they come in contact with it.

After your spray treatment dries, it is a great idea to apply Diatomaceous Earth. You want to apply it in many of the same places as the spray treatment. Be sure to apply the powder to the legs and base of your bed so the blood suckers can’t access you while you sleep any longer. Also, apply to the base of all walls, furniture and inside electrical outlets.

Step 5 apply the same treatment process to all the other rooms in your home. These pests rarely remain in the bedroom. As the infestation grows, they will spread to other areas of your home. One area you will most likely find them hiding is in your couch. These nocturnal insects hide during the day and feed at night. When they are hiding, they usually hide close to where humans spend most of their time. You will find them in couches, chairs and other furniture.

That is all you need to do for your own at home bed bug treatment. Again, they are tough and they breed at a rapid rate. It is of the utmost importance that you do 2-4 follow up treatments every two weeks.

You can kill bed bugs yourself and get rid of them for good. Be patient and be thorough. You can be successful in your home extermination.


Source by Ryan Pearson

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