How to Get Mold Out of a Plastic Air Mattress


One of the most preferred types of mattresses is air mattress. It offers versatility that cannot be offered by many other mattresses. You can inflate the mattress and fill it up with air to the right firmness you desire. This is what makes it a staple in this industry.

However, molds can still develop even to your plastic air mattress. I must stay molds do not really care where they form just as long as there is the right temperature, humidity and environment for them to grow. But don’t worry, your plastic mattress is made from strong stuffs. Cleaning it is just a breeze.

Step 1: Deflate the mattress first using the same pump device that gives it air. Make sure it is completely flat so it is easier to handle. When it is flat, you can easily remove the visible signs of molds.

Step 2: Clean the mattress to a sunny area. Molds tend to develop in dark and moist areas. Cleaning it outside the house is also a good idea as you can make mess and not worry about cleaning it up later.

Step 3: If all the air inside the mattress has not been efficiently deflated by the pump device, push the mattress carefully with your hands. Press it down until air comes out. This will gradually loosen up air without putting pressure on the seams. Also take this time to inspect the mattress for any signs of wears. If there are any seams about to burst, make a mental note to patch it up later.

Step 4: If your mattress has a cotton or velvet covering, you might want to vacuum it first to remove dust mites. Use a portable vacuum cleaner. If you do not have this at home, you can just wipe the surface off with a clean towel.

Step 5: Next, prepare the cleaning solution. No need to purchase a cleaning solution in the grocery as you can make one at home. Just add a cup of white vinegar to half a cup of warm water. Mix them carefully.

Step 6: Get a soft-bristled brush and a clean towel. Moisten the towel with the vinegar solution and then wring the solution out on the affected area of the mattress. Let the solution stay there for a couple of minutes before brushing it out. Be careful not to vigorously scrub the mattress as you may damage the outer plastic. After removing all the molds, rinse the mattress using clean water.

Step 7: Leave it in a nice, sunny area to dry completely.


Source by Alan Cassidy

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