How to Easily Delete Your Internet Explorer History – Protect Your Reputation With Privacy Software


Most of us have a vague awareness that our computer tracks our progress on the internet. Now this can be helpful if you want to return to a site, but it can also lead to acute embarrassment – or worse – if a partner or family member stumbles upon a dubious website that you have visited. All it takes is for them to start typing an address into the address bar and the browser will drop down a list of earlier visited sites starting with the same letter. If your partner is actively searching to find your browsing history, the situation is even worse.

It does not necessarily have to be an adult website; you might be looking up a medical condition or a dating website or any number of sites that would not be looked on favorably by your partner.

As much as we share our life with our partner or family, everyone is entitled to some degree of privacy. With many families sharing a computer, it is vital to ensure that your browsing history remains private without you having to think about it.

While it is perfectly true that you can – to some extent – delete your internet explorer history using commands within the browser, it still requires you to remember to go through that process before you leave or shutdown the computer. It only takes one occasion when you forget to carry out this procedure to get you in trouble. An additional problem is that data that is deleted using the browser or using windows can still be recoverable by someone using data retrieval software. If this is a concern to you, then the secure deletion offered by most privacy software is a requirement.

Another concern is that many third-party programs store information that will not be erased using the browser. Video players will typically maintain a history of videos watched. Should your partner open a Real Player video for example, the player will helpfully display (for a few seconds) the title of the last video played. Are you comfortable with your partner seeing the title of the last video you watched?

Do you really want to spend 10 minutes at the end of every computer session deleting data from your browser and third-party video players, p2p download and chat software to name but a few applications that may hold onto information you would rather keep private?


Source by Andrew Gardner

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