How To Choose Nice And Affordable Tatami Mat


Looking for nice and affordable Tatami mats? The options are plenty but do remember to do some online research or the local retailer. And also remember to find out about the guarantees and refunds.

You can easily find endless variety of such mats at many online websites. These sites have got lot of information and photographs of the Japanese mats and provides you a good idea on the mats and how they look like. But first of all you have to determine how many and the size of mats which you need.

Basically the Japanese tatami mats are straw mats which are traditionally used in order to keep people and objects separated from the floor and used as a base for the bed by those people who suffer from back pain.

Overall it is very comfortable and relaxing. The Tatami Mat is best suitable for people suffering from back pain and requires a very firm support for the mattress.

You can even find them in modern Japanese homes. Tatami mats are mainly used as a surface for sitting, sleeping and walking in Japanese homes. These Japanese mats are made in individual mats of uniform size and shape, bordered by plain black cloth or gold & black plum pattern.

The traditional size of a tatami mat is 35.5 inches by 71 inches by 2 inches. These kinds of mats can be fitted different ways in a room, but number and layout of tatami can bring good or bad fortune.

If you are planning to buy one for yourself, then remember not to buy the one in grid patterns. It is believed that it will bring bad luck. The only time this layout can be used is during mourning.

In general you will find most of the Japanese shops are designed to be the size of four and half tatami, as this will ensure good fortune, whatever the kind of business it is.


Source by Alice Boyle

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