How Much Privacy Do You Want From Your Fence Balustrades?


Fences with balustrades add a nice touch to just about any location. They increase property value and appeal. They also serve as privacy products, designed for various purposes. You can have and use a metal, glass, stainless steel or aluminum fence to restrict views from the inside and the outside, keep pedestrians or trespassers away, protect a pool area, or simply to serve as a property barrier. The question to ask is how much privacy you want from your fence. Here is some insight on that topic.

Property Line Fencing

If you want a fence to mark your property, security is not a big concern–unless you want a little privacy as well. In that case, your metal fence should have balustrades designed to reduce gaps in between each baluster. This is usually flat panels that are mounted close together. They can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, regular metal, or even fiberglass. It just depends on what you prefer.

If you don’t really need that much privacy, square balustrades are great anywhere and can be spread out several inches apart along the top and bottom rails. Rounded balusters are also another option. In fact, you could even choose a wiggle or curved style of balustrades.

Private Areas

If you have an area that you’d like to fence off, such as a playground, portion of the backyard, or a cookout area; you have many options for privacy. You may want partial privacy do that you can still see outside from the inside area. This comes in handy with children around. In this case, you can go with the round, square, curved, or wiggly balustrade systems and have them spaced apart four or more inches.

For a particular area that you’d like to be barely visible or not visible at all, the flat panel fiberglass, stainless steel, standard metal, or aluminum balustrades serve this purpose well and can have no gaps or a small gap under one inch.

Relaxation Areas and Patios

Patios and other chair-filled areas create more relaxation with a fence made of metal, fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel. These fence options add that enhanced touch to your comfort zone while also inviting visitors to a wonderful place to hang out. If you want a lot of privacy in these areas, the flat-paneled balustrades work great. But if you just want to touch up the area or allow visibility inside and out, glass balustrades are a nice touch.


Source by Tushar Deep Singh

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