Here’s The Best Way To Increase Energy


The best way to increase energy is by doing it naturally, such as eating healthy foods so your body distributes nutrients into your bloodstream. The amount of energy your body gets also depends on the patterns of your day to day activities like the quantity of your sleep, amount of exercises or fitness and your stress levels.

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to increase energy by jump-starting and fueling your metabolism. During the night, your body works on healing and rejuvenating itself. Increasing energy sources from a natural, healthy breakfast that is full of nutrients at the start of the day keeps your body alert and energized. Breakfast should consist of less sugar, fats and coffee and with a focus on natural, unprocessed whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Eat about every three hours, but make sure you eat very little. The food you eat should be full of high quality nutrients and minerals. This way you get a steady supply of nutrients in your bloodstream. This is the best way to increase energy for the long-term. If you are not getting enough nutrients from your food you may opt for a natural multivitamin supplement. Increase your water consumption to at least eight glasses per day and eat a natural, unprocessed citrus fruit as a midday snack. Vitamin C that you get from citrus fruits is known as the ultimate energy booster and is much better than taking it from a supplement. Taking herbal teas like green tea and ginseng may help enhance your mental and physical well-being while maintaining and increasing your energy levels.

Regular exercise also plays a big role in increasing your energy levels and is commonly known to be one of the best ways to increase energy. By exercising on a regular basis, you actually get more energy than you had initially. A regular exercise schedule of three days a week will make you feel refreshed and healthier. However, over doing exercising will make you feel more exhausted. Time yourself and avoid vigorous activities. Taking a break from your daily work schedule will help your body feel more relaxed, resulting in a boost in your energy levels. Try to get rid of any stress regardless of the source because stress lowers your energy.

Getting the right amount of sleep is very critical in keeping your body energized the whole day. Most people need around eight hours sleep every night. Lack of adequate sleep lowers your strength levels, cardiovascular capacity and spoils your moods while decreasing energy levels. Practice breathing exercises before you go to bed to reduce stress levels and improve your immune system. Breathing exercises increase oxygen in your body and relaxes you for a good quality sleep.

The best way to increase energy is to make simple changes in your lifestyle. It is amazing how the little things can improve your daily activities can help boost your energy levels quite a bit. Eat healthy, get adequate, quality sleep, stay physically fit and, most importantly, stay clear of those bad habits like excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking.


Source by Tammy Colipano

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