GigaMan Service – With Gigaman, It’s Fast Service at Your Fingertips!


Most people who own and handle businesses have connectivity needs which are way beyond what ordinary users need. Fast connections are needed by business networks in order to produce more of their services in a specific amount of time and then gain more profit with their services. Now that there are so many services offered by various service providers, which among the many should you choose? If you haven’t heard of the GigaMAN service yet, then you should read on!

GigaMan is an Ethernet service that links our Local Area Networks or LANs within a metropolitan area. It is a dedicated and powerful point-to-point fiber optic service. GigaMAN uses the same transmission protocol as your LAN and it allows you to maximize your enterprise LAN speeds as well as take full advantage while transmitting various data between your sites.

If you are not impressed with the services that you have tried, let GigaMAN blow you away with its transmission rate. The GigaMAN service allows you to transmit data at a very high speed up to 1 Gbps! GigaMAN is twenty-two times faster than the usual DS3 service!

The GigaMAN service allows you to connect your existing gigabit Ethernet switches with dedicated single-mode fibers. At each demarcation point, providers such as AT&T install specialized fiber repeaters to serve as NTE or network transmitting equipment. The equipment interface for GigaMAN is the standard stick and click or SC connection for single-mode or multi-mode fiber cable.

What are the standard features of the GigaMAN? It uses 1000Base-SX & 1000Base-LX! What then are its benefits? GigaMAN performance allows servicing capabilities, business continuity, product depth and breath, as well as product stability.

The agility of the GigaMAN service is something that should be taken into consideration. It integrates wireline and on-net applications with bandwidth requirements from 512K to 10G and above; it has applications that require easily scalable bandwidth; it allows growth of your existing data applications; and it is easy to use!

If you switch to the GigaMAN service, you will be able to control your network easily! You will be able to monitor your network 24/7; manage your business costs and your existing investments; and stretch the bandwidth for last mile application. Service level preferences such as latency, security, and congestion as well as managing the network are part of the control you can do with the service.

If you are interested in the GigaMAN service and choose AT&T to be your service provider, your circuit will be designed by AT&T engineers and customized in order to meet your current and forecasted network needs. You may use WDM to deliver multiple circuits over same fiber pair and conserve the customer entrance facilities; you may use on-site passive network equipment to support edge-monitoring and use on-site intelligent network equipment to support edge monitoring and to extend signal and/or provide specified interface. The AT&T representative will also provide the requirements for your provided space, conduit, power, etc.

What are you waiting for? The GigaMAN service is something you should try! Get it now!


Source by Gerardo Burns

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