Folding Beds – 15 Benefits of Owning One


There are many kinds of folding beds and they have wide ranging benefits; from cost saving to being plain practical and space saving must-have home-office furniture items. As I live in Sydney which was just found to be the second most unaffordable city in the world, saving money and space has become an imperative. This type of bed has hinges so that it can be folded and stored away.

I am listing below some of the benefits I found from owning two folding beds in my Sydney apartment as well as doing the research on the net:

– Perfect piece of furniture for visitors or those unexpected guests. Saves you buying a traditional bed if it is only going to be use infrequently

– Stow away in seconds and occupy a lot less space than your standard bed

– You don’t have to break the bank by buying a regular bed, that is more expensive just to be able to accommodate your guests in comfort for the night

– In addition to saving money you will save in storage and they they can be used for other purposes as well

– Practical for people who live in mobile homes where space is a very much a precious commodity and also for families who moved into their new place and have no funds to buy the full set of furniture

– Some folding bed kinds will allow you to carry them with you and it sure is a better solution than sleeping on the floor

– Some more affordable portable beds will be able to be hidden away behind the closet doors or placed under the existing bed or stored in the cupboards or a garage

– There is a lot of choice available by browsing for one on-line to suit any budget

– Models that are being made out of memory foam these days, can regain their shape without affecting the comfort or the physical characteristics of the mattress. These same models are more pleasurable to sleep on as they virtually wrap around the body when sleeping

– Advantages are obvious for folding beds that are using air mattress as they fold or deflate to an even smaller form

– Easily moved and placed in different parts of the apartment and are quickly unfolded

– Also called futons, guest beds, fold out, flop out or hideaway beds, these are easily transported around for the kids, for camping or other outdoor events

– They come in all sizes making them an ideal solution for both adults and children

– Some of them will have adjustable feature such are the once found in hospitals or retirement homes

– When looking to buy a folding bed, look out for the sturdiness and the closing action of the mechanism, a good mattress that provides a good support, ventilation and is possibly made of natural materials such is latex

All in all, folding beds are actually very much underrated but very compact and convenient almost a must in every modern home today.


Source by Dario H Petkovic

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