Foam Vs Coil Crib Mattress: What’s Best For Your Older Baby?


If you’ve chosen to co-sleep with your baby or kept him in a bassinet since he was born, you’ll eventually find yourself having to shop for a crib and a crib mattress once he gets older. After all, when the first three or four months are past mom and dad might want to resume more regular sleeping arrangements and sleeping habit. Meanwhile, a bassinet is no longer safe for your baby once he or she can roll over. At this point, you may be considering the foam vs coil crib mattress debate and wondering what’s best for your older baby.

The choice between a foam vs coil crib mattress can be a difficult one to make. After all, each type of mattress has its own particular benefits and drawbacks. This article examines both types of mattress in detail to help you get the right one for your baby.


Foam mattresses are made with a foam core and several layers of hypoallergenic fabric or plastic over that. They’re very light weight and are often very inexpensive as well. You can buy a serviceable foam mattress for well under $100, and you’ll be pleased to find that you can lift it with one hand when you’re changing sheets. If you’d like a firm mattress however, get one that’s made with denser, good quality foam.

Firmness is less of a concern with toddlers and older babies who are at less of a risk for SIDS. However, experts still recommend that you use a resilient mattress, as the risk does not go away until a child is two years old. If you’re going with foam, be sure it’s dense and sturdy enough to stand up to an active child’s movements. It should also lie flat in your crib and fit snugly without bunching or your baby being able to raise its corners as this could pose a safety risk.


Coil mattresses have a number of inner springs or coils at the core and layers of padding over it to provide softness and comfort. A good coil mattress will also have border rods and corner supports to help it retain its shape. Because of all the steel in it, a coil mattress is naturally heavier than foam and can cost a bit more, although the better foam mattresses and inexpensive coil models fall in the same price range.

Older babies will enjoy the resilience of a coil mattress with a high coil count. In fact, they might end up enjoying it too much and start bouncing on it. A coil mattress should also prove sturdy enough to stand up to the weight of a larger child without sagging or losing its shape. Also, bigger babies are less prone to dirtying their sheets so the weight of a coil mattress will be less of a problem.

No matter what side of the foam vs coil crib mattress divide you end up on, remember to choose a good quality product that your baby will be able to use even in the toddler years – that way, you get more value from your money.


Source by Teresa Xiao

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