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Pali is an Italian company that has been making furniture for over 80 years. Pali cribs are now widely available in the US. The company is synonymous with combing craftsmanship and modern technology in producing items of exceptional quality. Pali cribs were the first to produce the “one-hand” drop side feature with no exposed hardware.

Pail produces baby cribs that range from classic to contemporary, each collection having an unmistakable Pali touch of flair and sophistication. Like most other brands, they come in various configurations. Whilst each configuration is meant to help the consumer choose the best baby crib for their home, some of the terms used can be somewhat confusing. Here is a brief explanation of the types of crib available from Pali.

Pali Standard Crib

This is more like a conventional crib in that has a single drop side (a side that can be raised up or down) and a stationary side opposite and at the same height of the drop side. A standard crib can be turned into a toddler bed.

Pali Forever Crib

This is a one that can be converted into a full size bed. The bed, when converted, will have both a headboard and footboard. Please note that you will need to purchase an additional universal rail kit.

Pali Transfo Crib

This is similar to the Standard crib inasmuch that there is one drop side however the opposite stationary side is higher and bigger. This type converts only into a double headboard and also a toddler bed. To make use of the double headboard it is necessary to purchase an adjustable metal frame, box spring and mattress (sold separately).

Pali Streight Toddler Rail

A streight rail is the rail used to convert a standard or Transfo Pali crib into a toddler bed – it’s a low rail to stop the infant from rolling out. Some models of Pali Forever cribs like the Carrigan, West Point and Wendy can also use streight rails when being converted to a complete double bed.

Some consumer comments have complained about adjusting the height of the mattress. Whilst this does involve using a tool to make the adjustment, the procedure is straightforward enough: you simply remove the four short bolts attached to the plastic mattress supports and re-enter at the lowest level.

Pali has a large selection of baby cribs. The following are among the most popular Pali Standard models; Flower, Caroline, April, Laurie and Sabrina. The flower is a very bright, airy and modern crib: the one painted in yellow, blue, green and cream is delightful. By way of contrast, the Pali Laurie finished in cherry looks more like a traditional sleigh crib.

The Pali Forever collection of cribs is extremely popular. The West Point is draws heavily on Colonial American styling. The Rosalia is a very beautiful curvaceous, feminine crib; the matte white finish is exquisite. Other collections of Pali convertible cribs include the Caterina, Carrigan, Angelina, Forever and Carmen.

Each Pali crib comes with a one year limited warranty. They are mid-priced pieces of baby furniture. You get a lot for your money and can expect a Pali Forever crib to last your child well into their teenage years.


Source by Robin Cassidy

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