Evidence Eliminator Review – What Makes This Product the Most Powerful Privacy Software


Evidence Eliminator was created by Robin Hood Software, a company which is based in Nottingham, England. My Evidence Eliminator review found that this software product has more features than any other privacy software product that is out there. It is also the most expensive.

My Evidence Eliminator review found that this is not the easiest privacy software product to install. Not difficult, just not as easy as some others. One thing you definitely need to do is read all of the instructions, because this is a really powerful product. In fact, it is so powerful, that if you are not careful, you could end up getting rid of files and programs that you would not want to be without! The one area that you really need to pay close attention to is Outlook Express, because my Evidence Eliminator review found that by default, this program will delete the contents in all non-standard folders of Outlook Express. This software product does have a nice feature that gives you notification before a big amount of files are deleted. Without this feature, you could accidentally delete your entire hard drive!

My Evidence Eliminator review only found one downside to this product, and that is the cost. I found it listed as high as 135 dollars, though I did see it listed for 75 dollars on another website. Still, there is no doubt that this product will completely wipe clean any files or internet history on your computer that you do not want other people to get access to.


Source by Jeff Farley

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