Email Compliance With Ediscovery


Email has become the most prominent form of correspondence with great value attached to its use. Email can be used for external and internal purposes and is extremely vital in the daily commercial activities of a business. Email is the equivalent of paper documentation and is considered legal and valid proof for litigation purposes. Email is documentation of conditions agreed upon by two parties and can be used as supportive evidence when implicating another or while defending one’s integrity.

Since email messages are legally approved documents that need to be provided in case of a lawsuit, there is a need to store them in a secure place and ensure all security measures are in place to prohibit any tampering attempts. The storing of email is called archiving, and it locates any specific email at any time in a secure environment. The electronic discovery service helps in simple management of email and compliance with an efficient e-discovery and often times archiving strategy.

Why Email Compliance?

Organizations should implement a robust compliance system that will record all logs and activities of users as well as audit and encrypt data to retain it in its original form. Deliberate attempts to destroy data can prove to be potent litigation evidence. Ediscovery solutions can help identify relevant dat, but that data cannot be identified if it has been deliberately deleted. In legal cases, if the parties involved are incapable of furnishing relevant email evidence, fines may be imposed by the courts and cases can potentially be lost..

Determining Ediscovery Factors for Email Compliance

It is not an easy job for organizations to maintain email compliance standards given the steady stream of correspondence everyday. Ediscovery can help management handle compliance issues. Here are some factors that need to be taken into account to maximize the use of ediscovery solutions for email compliance.

  1. An efficient ediscovery solution uses an integrating approach that takes care of all processes while creating no complications. In due course, organizations will be faced with situations where they need to add applications. A good ediscovery solution should be capable of providing the integrating facilities to avoid additional costs in the future. Archiving is achievable only when an integrating facility is provided.

  2. To maintain records and secure compliance,ediscovery tools should be able to manage different types of data within a single archive. Having a single system to handle various data formats eliminates the creation of multiple archives.

  3. To save on storage space and ensure simple archiving administration, the ediscovery tool needs to ensure there is no duplication of data and convert several copies into a one to make the process smooth.

  4. The structural design of electronic discovery service should be such that processing is not concentrated at one single point, which can slow down the pace of the searching and indexing processes.

  5. The main purpose of archiving is to make search easy. Ediscovery search should have the capacity to bring up successful search results with little delay when keywords are used. Searching for exact results should be possible in a transparent manner.

Litigation cases can be rendered useless without enough proof to validate statements, resulting in heavy financial and reputation losses. The ediscovery solution promotes an efficient system of searching, producing data through a flexible and transparent system.


Source by David Almore

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