Egg Crate Mattress Pad – How to Clean


Even if your egg crate mattress pad does not smell bad, it does not mean there are no bacteria or germs living in the porous material. Knowing how to clean your mattress pad will help ensure you and your bedsheets stay clean.

Some types of foam are resistant to bacteria but most of the egg crate mattress foam pads can get a little funky after constant use. Skin cells, sweat, and various other allergens can eventually settle into the pits and grooves of your egg crate pads.

You can keep your mattress pad clean and fresh-smelling without chemicals with regular cleaning. It is easy to clean with a spray formula of baking soda, lemon juice and water.

How to clean:

• Remove all sheets from the bed.

• Mix water, baking soda and lemon juice in spray bottle.

• Spray it over the entire surface of the mattress pad.

• Allow to soak for an hour.

• Allow to dry until completely dry.

It is important not to dry the pad in the dryer as the heat will cause the foam to melt. Simply hang it from or drape it over a clothesline on a warm, windy day and allow it to dry. While sunlight will help to dry the pad, indirect sunlight is better.

Be sure the egg crate foam pad is completely dry before covering so there is no risk of mold or mildew forming in the foam. Leave it for several hours and make sure you do not see any signs of discoloration, deterioration or anything else that looks suspicious.

Because the foam used for most egg crate pads is delicate and prone to tearing, you will want to treat it gently and with care throughout the cleaning process.


Source by Annette H. Hill

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