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Curtains are useful for blocking light and for providing a measure of privacy. These days, however, with the increasing popularity of lightweight eyelet curtains, these functions often take second place to decorating goals such as setting a tone or style for a room. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of kitchen curtains.

However much one may desire to have light blocking and privacy in other areas of the home, particularly in the bedrooms, the kitchen is an area in which most people favor a great deal of light. However, it’s still desirable to have some degree of privacy, especially for those late night refrigerator raids.

One way to provide both light and a measure of privacy is by the installation of eyelet cafe curtains. These curtains are hung, not at the top of the window, but halfway up, leaving plenty of room for unfiltered light to enter the room. Cafe curtains have the option of using a valance at the top of the window, or even of having a double set of half-curtains which can be drawn for maximum privacy. The use of eyelets makes it easy to pull them open or closed in a flash.

While eyelet curtains are frequently made of a sheer material, if you want to ensure privacy it’s better to choose a somewhat heavier fabric, or use lined curtains to prevent anyone seeing through. If the curtains are pulled shut, this will also block light to a greater degree.

Using cafe curtains allows people in the kitchen a good view through the top of the window even when the lower curtains are pulled shut. For anyone outside to see much of what might be going on inside, they would have to approach quite close to the window, which would draw the attention of anyone inside. Thus, anyone inside the kitchen could go about their business without blocking their view of outside goings on while maintaining a measure of privacy for themselves.

If you want to have some privacy while still allowing a good deal of light to enter your kitchen, consider using cafe curtains, with or without a valance.


Source by Paul Keesim

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