Dragon (Part 2) – Learn More About the Dragon Disciples and Their Manipulation of Hydra and Fire


12% Chance To Cast Level 15 Hydra On Striking

Hydra is one of the Sorceress’ most potent Fire Spells. It lasts for 10 seconds per cast, has good Fire damage and also acts as a crowd control spell. A Level 15 Hydra does around 111-131 fire damage, and you can pump this up higher if you’re a Sorceress and have the twin synergistic skills of Firebolt and Fireball.

Level 14 Holy Fire Aura When Equipped

This is the main attraction of the Dragon Runeword.

Paladins that try to go the Fire Aura route choose the Hand of Justice Runeword (Level 16 Holy Fire Aura) in their weapons, use the Dragon Runeword (Level 14 Holy Fire Aura) in their body armor, and use Dragonscale, a unique Paladin-only Shield (+15% to Fire Skill damage). In this case, the levels for Holy Fire from Hand of Justice and Dragon stack, giving a total of Level 30 Holy Fire plus the +15% damage from Dragonscale.

Any melee character can go for a Holy Fire build, as instead of a Dragonscale (which only Paladins can use), they can make a Dragon in shield as well (Paladins can do this as well: for them, it’s a personal preference whether they go for a Dragon Runeword or Dragonscale). However, only Paladins have access to Fire’s synergistic skills: Resist Fire and Salvation. By having high levels in both of these Skill, the damage from Holy Fire can be ramped up to respectable levels. Anyone besides a Paladin will struggle with doing enough damage using Holy Fire without its synergistic Skills.

+5% To Maximum Lightning Resist

The default maximum for Resistances is 75%. Certain unique items or Runewords can increase the maximum Resistance up to 95%.


The Dragon Runeword would interest any melee character who wanted to deal damage via HF (commonly referred to as a Dragon Disciple, due to them making use of Hand of Justice and the Dragon Runeword and/or Dragonscale). Use it on a Paladin with Fanaticism, Resist Fire, and Salvation and see the damage from the HF Aura start to enter into very respectable amounts. Add a helmet with the Dream Runeword in it to give your character the ability to do decent lightning damage. Keep the Dragon Runeword but exchange the Hand of Justice for a Doom Runeword and you give up some levels in HF for Holy Freeze. That’s four Elements right there….who cares if they have Elemental Immunity towards one of the Elements…you’ve still got the other three. Expensive set-up, but if you have the Runes….


Source by Dan Massicotte

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