Diversion Safes – Why Every House Should Have at Least One Diversion Safe


In today’s times, you must develop a place to hide your valuables where no one would think to look for them. Some people will still use the shoe box, under the mattress or in the sock drawer to protect their valuables.

First of all, don’t you think that a burglar knows these places? They are some of the first places this creep will look to make some money. And, even if the invader is new to the business, there’s a good chance that he will discover these articles just by quickly searching your house.

Let’s do a test. How many places in your kitchen can you hide some valuables, e.g. credit cards, that you have easy access but are still hidden from someone looking for loot? You could put the cards in a drawer, a closet, even in your refrigerator. But, again, aren’t these places that might be easily searched?

Now, what if you could put your credit cards in a can of Ajax Cleanser or a can of corn or even a can of coffee? And, then you will put these cans in your closet mixed with other household items. How many people would waste their time going through a bunch of cans or bottles in a closet looking for money? They would have to shake each item which takes time and time is the one thing that burglars don’t have.

“But these objects you mentioned are full of food and have a tight top on them and maybe some liquid inside the can. How and why would I put my credit card in them?” you might say.

That’s a great question and the answer is that you are putting your valuables, in this case a credit card, inside of a Diversion Safe. These devices, sometimes called Can Safes, Fake Safes, even Stash Safes, are actually everyday objects that you will see in any household. The item is hollowed out and generally has a screw-top for insertion of the valuable. What an amazing idea!

Diversion Safes are made to be used in any room in your house, office, garage, even your car. If you can think of a normal object in your house that can be hollowed out then there is probably a Diversion Safe made to represent it. This includes cans, books, bottles, wall sockets and even wall vents. If you want a larger hiding space you can choose a quart or gallon of paint safe or others with a larger capacity.

These devices require no batteries, are inexpensive and they work because they look just like the actual product they represent. You couldn’t tell them apart if you mixed 2 regular cans of Barbasol with 1 Barbasol Diversion Safe. Try it if you don’t believe me.

Here’s a suggestion – put a little foam on the top of the Barbasol safe or some paint on a Paint Can Stash Safe for even more realism. Now there’s even a less chance that a burglar would choose your hiding place because it looks like your are actually using the can so why hide valuables in there?

Diversion Safes are a fantastic way of hiding your valuables in plain sight. There are a very large number to choose from and are designed for your entire house. Every house should have at least one of these devices to keep your valuables safe and secure.


Source by Larry Zolna

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