Defining IPPBX – Does Your Business Need It?


Having an understanding of what internet protocol private branch exchange (IPPBX) is will go a long way in determining whether it is the right choice for your phone communication needs. Basically it is a telephone system used primarily for businesses which was created to transport voice or video data over a network. It is also designed to integrate with a regular phone switch network.

There is another way to envision this type of phone system. Basically, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) access points are merged with conventional PBX operations so that businesses can use their internal internet protocols to lower long distance expenses. With an internet protocol private branch exchange system, you can enjoy the advantages of one network for your data and voice needs along with progressive computer telephony integrated options. The result is lower costs, increased portability and higher redundant operations as a back-up measure.

Features of an IPPBX System

It is important to note that an internet protocol private branch exchange system can be physical hardware or exist virtually on a network as software. However, most of the functionality of this type of business telephone system lies in the software which makes it a relatively inexpensive investment for your business in the long run.

In both hardware and software types of systems, there are some excellent features to be aware of. Unlimited telephone extensions, voice mail boxes and auto attendants are just a few things you can expect. This is especially beneficial if your business is experiencing growing pains and you do not wish invest in additional hardware and other phone equipment to accommodate new employees. This internet protocol PBX-based system is great for those businesses that are looking toward long term growth and success.

You can ultimately integrate your mobile phones, pagers and even fax lines. You can create extension groups, caller id modification, call return, voice mail calling, web-based access to your voice mail from remote locations and call forwarding. Conference calling is easier and you can create a call queue mechanism and professional greetings to present skilled, expert presence.

Additional Things to Look for

Your IP PBX system must be a cost saver. If you cannot increase your capability of handling multiple lines for just the cost of one, your PBX supplier may not be the best fit. You also should not have to worry about licensing fees, hidden charges or losing your phone numbers should you end up moving. Think about what you want your phone system to do before shopping for one. Knowing what you want in advance will help you better narrow down the choices so you can make an educated decision for your business’s communication needs.


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