CPV Lab – How To Set Up A Direct Link Campaign


Direct linking campaigns are basic and fundamental to any CPV marketers campaign quiver. The concept is simple, you target an offer directly in the pop-up. Direct campaigns are quick to set up, easy to track and can generate some very good ROI if you've done some decent research and prep work. CPV Lab helps to make these types of campaigns very easy to get launched and this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Creating a direct link campaign in Lab is a snap. The first things you're going to want to do are name your campaign and define a traffic source. Most of the popular CPV networks are already included in the pull-down menu, but you can always add more in the settings section. The next thing you want to do is set your stats CPV. Stats CPV is the approximation of your campaign's cost per view. You'll be able to update your reports with actual CPV data later.

The next step is to select our campaign type. Since we're creating a direct link campaign, make sure that the proper radio button is selected. Once you've selected your campaign type, it's time to set up offer (s). We can split test multiple offers or just run one. In this example we'll just use one offer. Log in to your affiliate network, grab your offer name and paste it into the offer field. Next, grab the offer URL and paste it into the URL field. Make certain that the SUBID parameter is the last field in your offer URL.

Paste the payout for your offer in the payout field, then, since we're only using one offer, type 100 into the share field. The number "100" in the share field indicates that the offer will be shown 100% of the time and not be rotated with any other offer. Save your campaign and then copy and paste the campaign URL into your CPV network campaign. Before you go live you can alternately test the URL by clicking the test link.

You're all set! Direct link campaigns are a breeze to set up in CPV Lab and once you get them going they are a cinch to track also. I've shown you the basics here, but don't be afraid to play with some of the other options available like rotating offers, inserting dynamic text and placing tracking pixels.


Source by Lucas Fambrough

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