Could Your Patio Benefit From Extra Screens?


Millions of Australians enjoy their patio. It’s the perfect outdoor living space. You can hide from the sun in the hot weather but still spend time outdoors. In spring and early autumn, a patio provides shelter from the rain and if your patio roof is well insulated, it will feel nice and warm.

Many Aussie patios are open to the elements. In the Australian climate, this is no bad thing. Having a patio that is open on three sides allows air to circulate, which cools things down on a hot day. It also lets you chill out while still keeping an eye on kids and pets larking around in the backyard.

In some instances, however, screens can prove to be beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should add screens to your patio or carport.


The main reason why people fit screens to their patios is that they want some privacy when they spend time outdoors. This is understandable. Today’s urban areas are very overpopulated and modern homes are constructed on ever smaller plots. No matter how friendly our neighbours are, we don’t want to live in a goldfish bowl.

Colorbond or aluminium screening will give you extra privacy when you spend time outside. You can read a book in peace, away from prying eyes.


Screens provide extra security, which is especially useful if you have a carport. The addition of screens and a gate will prevent unwanted visitors entering your patio area or carport and making off with a gas BBQ, tools, or even your car. If security is an issue, invest in steel screens, as these are strong and resilient. Don’t forget to add a lockable gate, too.

While keeping people out is one good reason to fit screens, don’t underestimate the value of keeping kids and pets inside! Screens will protect young children if you want to keep them confined to a small area. The same applies to pets.


Decorative screens are a nice touch for a patio area. Lattice screens let light through and allow the air to circulate, whilst offering a degree of privacy. They look especially attractive when used as a backdrop for climbing plants and flowers. Fit decorative screens along one side or two. Either way, it will be a good investment.

Extra Protection from the Weather

Do you live in a coastal location? Are strong winds a problem? Or is your patio in full sun most of the day? Screens offer extra protection from the weather. Say, for example, the wind usually blows from the west. A screen on this side of your patio will make sitting outdoors on a windy day far more appealing. It will also prevent dust and debris from blowing all over your patio. Use a screen to block out the wind and protect your outdoor kitchen on a blustery day. It’s no fun cooking in a strong wind, especially if you live near the beach!


Source by Jamie M

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