Coping Mechanisms For Depression


Depression can be a source of a more serious emotional and psychological illness if you cannot manage it. At some point, if a depressed person cannot cope with his/her feeling of depression, they tend to build their own world and end up ending their own life. At another point, a depressed person does not have any ability to differentiate right from wrong. If they are into something, they think that it is the best thing to do.

If you are into depression a lot, you should have what we call coping mechanisms. You should not let depression go over you and totally invade your personal being. Here are some of the coping mechanisms that you can have to cope with your depressed feeling.

You should know the causes and reasons why people get depressed. To make sure that you understand these causes, you do a self-research. Based on what you have researched, reflect with your own self. Does it apply to you? Do you have the same causes as well? If so, then you have to try following the coping styles. It might also work for you.

You have to make sure that you have enough sleep every night. Sometimes, the depressed feeling is fueled by the lack of sleep and rest. By making sure you get six to eight hours of sleep every day, you will start your day with feeling light and fruitful.

Do simple exercises even if you are only at home. You can stretch jog, breast walk, or any exercise that will keep you fit. At the same time, you are allowing yourself to be busy with physical activities to keep thinking about what is getting you depressed. At some point, exercise is a god thing to d since aside from the fact that you can keep yourself fit, you can avoiding thinking of the things that can get you into depression.

Do some kind of recreation. Keep yourself busy. Watch your favorite movie, read a book, or do mind games. These activities will keep your ind and body at work. You also have to make sure that you plan your activities for the day so that you have less time to think about unworthy experiences and emotional stresses that might lead you to being depressed. You also have to do time management.

Talk to friends. Do not linger on the thoughts that will end up with self-pity. Once you vent it out, you will surely feel lighter than keeping it. Never compare yourself with others since you are a unique person. You have to think that you have what others don’t have. Do not be afraid to seek counseling or visit a doctor if the depression gets worst. Well, you have to try to at least get an advice from the experts on the proper handling of depression.

You will be successful in dealing with the depression feeling if you have the will and determination to cope with it. No one can help you more than yourself. All of us have the tendency to get depressed. However, it is up to us on how to manage or cope with it.


Source by Nuche Villaneuva

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