Conficker Virus Gives World Armed Forces the Works

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The main target of Conficker is Microsoft Windows system operating system. The other name of Conficker is Kido, Downup and Downadup. Conflicker is supposed to be able to spread all over the world for several days. Downup uses a vulnerable place of operating system – its network stack. The unified armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany reported about Conficker virus in their network on 2 February of 2009.

The French Navy was attacked on the 15th of January, 2009 and was hardly recovered after several aircraft were forced to land on several airbases in France. British Hotreat of Commons has been attacked with Downadup a little while since, as British newspaper reports. Confiker D hasn't its own virus vector alike Hepatite D, but Kido D patches MS08-067 to open revirus backdoor in Server service and produces named pipe to receive URL from remote host, then gets from URL. Conflickers A, B, C, D download daily from any of 250 pseudorandom domains over 8 top-level domains. MS08-067 vulnerability in Server service is the main target of Kido A and, unfortunately, there is no simple way to escape this type of Downadup.

Blocking DNS lookups and disabling autoupdate can facilitate to prevent your system against Conflicker B and C, but Kido D does an in-memory patch of DNSAPI.DLL to block lookups of anti-malware related web sites. Only anti infection and anti spyware of high quality can assist you to assured yourself against Downup. Confliker B came out on the Web stage on December, 29, 2009. Kido B produces DLL-based AutoRun virus on attached removable drives. Imagine yourself, if such big and complex networks as British, French and other armed forces couldn't resist against Kido attack how can your little defenseless computer resist against such danger? Like hepatite or bird flu, Downadup has several subtypes.

Conficker A treats HTTP for its distribution and gets itself from There are five basic symptoms, combination of which gives you a right to suppose of Confliker infection onto your PC. Domain controllers begin working very slowly, they answer user's request with delay. Congestion on local networks disturbs you more and more. All web sites associated with anti malicious programs find themselves blocked or inaccessible.

Disabling certain Windows system services such as Automatic Updates, Windows system Defender and others must make you become alerted. If you noticed that your account lockout policies were disturbed you should certainly to scan other signs of Kido onto your computer. Individual treatrs are the easiest to access, that's why Security Stronghold development team produced Confiker Quick Heal. Confliker epidemic have already reached a great size and can't be terminated before long. You can prevent Downadup infection with the facilitate of high quality anti virus and anti spyware such as True Sword from Security Stronghold.

If you have already been attacked by Downup, Conflicker Fast Heal created by Security Stronghold Company will assist you to kill the Great and Terrible Downadup. Confiker Fast Heal involves five years of experts' experience, possesses excellent knowledge of the sources of your problem and provides quick results. Confliker Fast Heal can facilitate you to cope with Conflicker A, B, C and D in several clicks of your motreat. Become free from Confliker infection in one click and enjoy stability of your system. Thanks to Confliker Fast Heal you'll spend dozen times less money than if you call a specialist from the PC shop.

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