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My initial reaction to the client who didn’t want to give out his street address or land line phone for customers to contact him was “No problem, you’ve got an email address and I’ll find you a free voice mail service.”

One Google search and about ten minutes later I found a great free voice mail system called Simple Voice Box.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy.

You can choose to setup your account for playback only (announcement/greeting) or playback and record (so callers can leave a message). You can keep the default settings which tell the service to send you email notifications and daily activity statements.

If you don’t want any email sent to you, just uncheck the boxes. You’ll still be able to go on-line to check your account for messages and get reports.

The next thing you need to do is record your greeting or announcement. Call your assigned number and you’ll receive clear instructions on how to do this.

My Indiana client’s account had an Iowa area code, so it would have been a toll call for him to record his greeting. Remember, he doesn’t have a cell phone with unlimited long distance. I wanted to make the entire process totally free for him. Luckily, there’s another “recording” option.

You can record your message at your computer (we used the free audio recording and editing software from Audacity) and upload it to your Simple Voice Box account.

Once you’ve finished with your greeting, you’re ready to receive messages. See why they call it Simple Voice Box?

There is no limit on the length of messages you can receive or how long they can be stored. So you shouldn’t lose any messages because a caller talked too long or the message got too old.

Note: This is NOT a voice-to-text service, so nothing will get lost in the translation. You’ll get an audio recording of the caller’s message (via email and/or on-line, depending upon how you set your options). This means you’ll need to have your computer speakers turned on or be using a headset to listen.

If you want to use the service to broadcast messages to customers or clients, you can set up an RSS feed or a podcast for them to subscribe to. I bet you’ll be able to think of lots of ways to use this free service for your business. I’d love to hear the creative ideas you come up with.


Source by Sheryl Schuff

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