Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

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If you are experiencing back pain during your pregnancy, you're not alone. This is the number one complaint of women expecting a baby. And it only makes sense; as your baby grows in your womb, your joints, muscles, and ligaments stretch to make room and can't do as good a job supporting your neck, back and spine. For some women, this happens fairly soon while for others, only the last trimester of pregnancy is uncomfortable. If you normally suffer from back pain, then chances are good this affliction will worsen while you're expecting.

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing back pain. None of them are a cause for concern, but you may want to take steps to alleviate your discomfort and regain a better sense of balance.

Back Pain Causes

The following are all common causes of back pain in the expectant mother:

Hormones – your body is preparing to give birth and your hormones are helping that happen. Hormones are softening ligaments in the pelvis and loosening joints so your baby can easily move through the birthing canal. Unfortunately, these joints and ligaments are also necessary for support but they're already stretched to the max.

Weight Load Shifting – as your baby and uterus grow, extra weight is added to the front of your body. That shifts your center of gravity. To compensate, many women arch their backs, which completely imbalances their bodies. Poor posture is a common culprit of back pain in pregnant women.

Additional Weight – of course you are going to gain weight as your baby develops in your womb. An extra 20, 30, 40 or more pounds is definitely going to make a difference in the amount of energy required to perform even simple tasks. The back, neck and shoulders are often called upon to compensate for this weight gain.

Poor Posture – you know why you've got poor posture, but have you done anything about it? Allowing your posture to get out of kilter is one of the worst things you can do for your health. As your baby grows, it will push aside internal organs and if your posture isn't perfect, this could cause additional problems and discomfort. If you don't straighten up, you'll begin to feel pain during even normal movements and positions, such as bending over or standing for too long a period of time.

Stress – having a baby places stress on your body. Everything from your neck on down to your feet must change in order to accommodate your growing baby. In particular, the pelvic area experiences a lot of change. It's not independent from your spine; It can easily cause poor posture and subsequent back pain.

Don't be a slave to back pain during pregnancy! By practicing and maintaining good posture, most of the physical changes in your body causing discomfort will be alleviated. Support your growing belly and it will become easier to keep your neck, shoulders, and back aligned – and prevent back pain from ruining your time of joy.


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