Can You Sleep on a Stormy Night?


I want to tell you a story. A man by the name of Tom went to work for a farmer. The farmer interviewed him and asked him what he can do on the farm, he said I can do everything and anything you ask me to, the only thing is, I can sleep through a stormy night. The farmer looked puzzled but thought he would give him a trial for a week. So Tom set out on his first week working on the farm. The farmer asked him to be up early to milk the cows and he was, asked him to feed the animals and he did, asked him disperse the hay and he did, asked him to field the corn and he did. The Farmer was so pleased with Tom, he asked Tom to stay on and Tom accepted.

A month passed and everything was running smoothly. One night without warning a storm started, the shutters were banging, rain was pelting down on the windows, wind was blowing fiercely – the farmer woke with such a fright that he fell out of bed. He put on his clothes and gumboots and rushed out to wake Tom, he banged and banged on Toms door, yet there was no answer. He shouted for Tom, and yet again no answer. The farmer was angry, but he needed to get his farm animals into the shelter from the storm. He rushed to the horses, but there no horses in the field – they were in the stables. He rushed to the cattle and no cattle in the paddocks – they were safe in the sheds. He rushed to the chickens and the chickens were safe in the coop. He rushed to the pig pen and the pigs were safe and sound in their pig condo, all snuggled up in the hay. After checking all the animals the farmer realized all the animals were safe and sound and went back inside. Later that morning there was Tom all bright and early, the farmer asked Tom “Did you hear that storm last night?” Tom replied “No I can always sleep in a stormy night!”

You see every night before going to bed Tom would go and bring all the animals in to safety, just in case there was a storm. So let me ask you, metaphorically speaking – can you sleep on a stormy night?

Make sure you do it today, even if its just 30 minutes a day. Is your life worth spending 30 minutes for improvement whether its reading a motivational book, or finding an opportunity to make an additional income from home, or making that call to someone close – you have not spoken to for a while, or maybe writing a thank you to someone who has been inspirational to you, or watching a movie or video clip that inspires you? Ensure it motivates you to change your circumstances, so you too can sleep on a “stormy night!!”

Live in the NOW! Phil Keoghan (Amazing Race) wrote a book called NOW – No Opportunity Wasted! It was about facing your fears and just getting on and doing things in life. Make the stand to do something that will change your life. You will be changed when you face your fears, whether it’s parachuting out of a plane, mountain climbing, hang-gliding, surfing, bungee-jumping off a bridge, kayaking down a river, learning to swim, and running in a charity run, help save some stranded animals, swimming in a water hole or even just standing under a waterfall – JUST DO IT! Like the old Nike advert used to say.

What have you done to ensure that you are prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually in your life? People say they are always going to do something but never do! Be a doer in life! Do Something! A friend once said “Activity Cures Everything!!” If you ever feel down or depressed then take action! Stop complaining about your situation and change it – don’t leave it for tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes!


Source by Nik Vaalele

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