Can You Reverse Damage Done To Your Arteries By Exces-sive Fat?


In the last few articles, we have discussed what the silent killer is, the causes (and the theories) and the demographics that it affects.

Only within the last few years have medical research teams produced reliable evidence showing that excessive fat in our diets may lay the groundwork for heart disease. If you are already past 30, it naturally occurs to you to wonder whether the damage done to your arteries is permanent, or whether it is reversible.

Reversing The Damage Done?

At the present stage of our research, doctors cannot answer the question with certainty. We can cite the hopeful fact that experiments with animals have shown that the condition is reversible in animals. We have evidence that the cholesterol in the arteries is absorbed in children, as shown by Dr. Russell Holman and others. However, this metabolic gift seems to be lost as we grow up. There are many authorities in the field who do believe that since atherosclerosis is reversible in animals, it can also be eliminated even after it is established in humans as well. However, we must proceed cautiously in basing our con­clusions solely upon studies of laboratory animals, because their metabolism is different from that of humans.

Are You Already A Victim?

Another question that patients often ask me is: “Can you tell me whether I am already a victim of degenerative artery disease?” Unfortunately, we do not as yet have a test that can predict with certainty whether you are susceptible to coronary disease, or are likely to have a heart attack.

One fact, however, is certain: if laboratory tests show that you have an excessive amount of cholesterol in your blood, your chances of avoiding heart and blood vessel disease, which can lead to heart attack or stroke, are much smaller. You are then much more susceptible.

If you are over 30 years of age, you ought to have your physician include such a measurement of cholesterol level in your routine check-up. Too many men in the dangerous middle years are so busy playing for high stakes in the fast-moving game of life, that they forget that “hearts are trumps.” My advice: get a check up as soon as possible and follow the simple methods to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.


Source by William H King

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