Can Sleeping Make You Grow Taller Naturally?


Have you ever measured your height in the morning after waking up and then again in the evening before going to bed? You should do that as a little experiment and you’ll be amazed by the height difference. You may not believe me now but the difference might be as much as an inch. So, I think the question if sleeping can make you grow taller is quite a good one.

See, to increase your height you need some kind of program or plan. It’s almost like being in a fitness program where you want to gain muscle or lose weight, only this time you want to grow taller. You are going to do regular exercises that can naturally stimulate your body’s growth hormones and also lengthen your bones in your legs and spine. Just like in a fitness program, you also need sufficient rest. And I don’t mean a quick power nap in the afternoon or a siesta. No, what your body needs is a real good rest in the form of sleep. For best results, you should sleep for about nine to ten hours every night. However, don’t sleep less than eight hours.

I can tell you right now that any good height gain program is using sleep as part of its methods. There is no way around plenty of sleep if you want to increase your height naturally by several inches. The reason for that is that good sleep not only recovers your body from all the exercises you do on a regular basis, the first couple of hours of sleep are also responsible for releasing growth hormones. Hence, the longer you sleep, the better are your chances at having more growth hormones released. Moreover, a good sleep relaxes your spine and decompresses it. A decompressed spine can make you taller overnight. If you did the experiment I described in the introduction, you’ll see this first hand. That’s why, when you are sleeping, you should lie flat on your back and thus allow your spine to relax, stretch and decompress.

It’s funny how things we had to do in our childhood somehow hold true even when we are adults. Only this time, there are no parents telling us to do them, so we usually neglect these kinds of habits. Do you remember how when we were little, our parents would always order us to go to bed early and sleep enough so we can become tall and strong? That’s exactly what I mean. Sometimes, we’d be better off keeping these kinds of habits from our childhood, like in this case. Now there are even scientific studies where doctors were able to prove that sleeping increases our chances of growing taller. As it relates to increasing your height, it is extremely hard to know what the decisive factor is going to be. Everyone’s body is different, so the best thing you can do is implementing as many methods that have been proven to work for others. Sleep is always playing a major role in this.


Source by Robert Mista

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