Best Free Web Browsers: CometBird Browser Review


CometBird is a free web browser based on the code behind Mozilla Firefox. Its unique features will change the way you use the Web. Many users claim that this program is lightening fast. It utilizes the Gecko rendering engine and works similarly to Firefox. Its key features include a built-in download manager, a bookmark manager, and thousands of customization options.

This powerful application pushes the limits of web browsing. Its appearance is not different from other browsers, but it does include some outstanding features. CometBird delivers superior speed and performance. Users can customize the browser and integrate a wide range of add-ons. Most Firefox extensions and themes work with CometBird as well.

Powerful security and privacy protection features provide a safer browsing environment. This software has a customized security configuration and boasts a pop-up blocker, a built-in antivirus program, and easy clearing of private surfing data. Other notable features include:

• CometBird bookmark synchronizer
• Customized security settings
• Anti-malware
• One-click clearing private data
• Antivirus software
• Built-in word translator
• Comet notes
• High page loading speed
• Smart address bar
• Unique password manager
• Enhanced privacy protection
• User friendly interface
• Light on resources
• Superior performance
• Customization options
• Integrated web search
• Customizable toolbar
• Quick tab
• Software update check

The online bookmark manager allows users to synchronize their bookmarks among different browsers and on different computers. Users can easily find and install the latest versions of software. There is no script required to watch videos online. CometBird requires fewer resources than Firefox and Chrome. The graphics and add-ons are smooth and visually appealing. This advanced web browser features an innovative toolbar that gives you access to seven popular sites, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and Wikipedia.

Users can download media files directly from the browser without using a third-party download manager. They can also synchronize their bookmarks with CometMarks, an online service provided by the browser's developers. The smart address bar and password manager will save you time and boost your productivity. The browser features tabbed navigation, which saves much of your computer memory and disk space.

CometBird has everything that you could expect from a browser: easy to use interface, tabbed browsing, enhanced security features, quick start up, and the ability to run most plugins for the Mozilla browser engine. Another remarkable feature is the built-in translator. Hover your cursor over a word and the browser will translate between different languages. CometBird is designed for the Windows operating system and can be downloaded for free.


Source by Teresa A Douglas

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