Best Baby Shower Gifts for the Mom-To-Be

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If someone you know is expecting a baby, chances are you'll soon find yourself celebrating the impending birth at a baby shower. There are lots of items you could choose to give the expectant mother as a gift but why resort to the same tired, old selections such as a box of diapers or a receiving set with blanket and booties? Here's a few new ideas that will make your gift the hit of any baby shower.

The Gift of Time

One thing new moms have very little of is time. Instead of spending money on something the mom-to-be may or may not need or use, why not give of yourself instead? Create a book of gift certificates for such things as babysitting, catering meals, videotaping the birth, or housecleaning.

Something For Mom

Although Baby is going to need plenty of things, don't forget to pamper Mom. One of the best ways you can do this is by gifting her with a body shaper. Whether she's more concerned about her aching back right now or how fat her belly is going to look after giving birth, address those concerns by presenting her with shapewear specifically designed to offer prenatal support or slenderizing after pregnancy. When she looks good, she's bound to feel even better and that's a priceless gift.

Unique Packaging

Don't just think about the gift, consider how you're going to package it. Placing several useful items such as a diaper bag, container of wipes, talcum powder and baby shampoo in a bathing tub or wicker clothes hamper not only looks cute, it makes all of your gift functional. A little red wagon is another great way to present several baby shower gifts.

If you're in charge of hosting the party or have been asked to bring food, don't just present it on platters and in bowls. Why not use an assortment of beach toys such as sand pails and dump trucks to present chips or nuts? Plastic shovels and rakes are perfect as serveware.

Diaper cakes are pretty common these days but why not take it a step further? Instead of diapers, take items of similar height, such as shampoo, lotion, powder, etc. and stack them in the shape of cake layers. It's the same concept with a fresh look.

Personalized Items

If you can make your baby shower gift personalized, it will mean so much more to the expectant mother. An engraved silver picture frame is a tried and true present, but you may want to update that idea by gifting a scrapbook with blank spots for photos or even creating a book that tells an audio story customized with the baby's name. You could also offer to take several mementos from the shower and encase them in a shadow box that will take pride of place on a nursery wall. For the parents-to-be who already have everything they need, you could give a lasting gift by naming a star after their precious bundle of joy.

Use your imagination to come up with unique ways to show a mom-to-be how much you care. For a really special gift, consider combining any of these ideas with a pregnancy body shaper or post pregnancy shapewear that illustrates how much the expectant mom and her health and beauty means to you (that's a hint for the daddy-to-be, too) .


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