Benefits of an IPBBX Phone System


Businesses can see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in long distance costs by implementing an IPBBX phone system. The term IPBBX means Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. This sort of system can deliver voice or video messages and work in conjunction with a typical phone system. By combining this system with voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), businesses can save money on long distance calling because businesses can use their intranet to make calls.

The majority of the system is run by software, meaning that additional options are relatively cheap to explore. Businesses can add VOIP functions, conferencing functions, and interactive voice recognition functions for cheaper than a traditional phone system.

How This System Differs from Traditional PBX

With a traditional PBX system, the need for separate networks is necessary to transfer voice and data messages. Without the Internet protocol, these separate networks can get costly and don’t run as efficiently as the Internet protocol exchange. The Internet protocol based exchange is able to converge all of the communication rather than needing to use separate networks. This means that VOIP, Internet access, and traditional calls are all able to be run through a single line to each person. Businesses find this is the main advantage of using an IPBBX system.

Benefits of Using an Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange

The way the system works is one of the benefits of utilising it for your business. When a person makes a call from the computer or a phone line, the branch exchange establishes the connection. Held within the exchange are all of the users and their SIP addresses. This allows the system to route an internal or external call through the VOIP system.

These systems are much easier to install and manage than traditional phone systems. Since the system uses software, a company’s computer technician should be able to install and manage the program. With former proprietary systems, companies used to have to hire a technician familiar with that system, costing the company more money.

Using this system also allows you to offer quicker customer service by integrating your business computer applications into your phone system. When your business receives an incoming call, the receiver can immediately pull up information on the caller to better handle client inquiries without needing to ask for or type in any information. And since the system is software based, you can easily add more phone lines as your business grows. With the benefits of an IPBBX system outweighing the advantages of the traditional phone systems, it’s easy to see how you can improve business communications by switching.


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