Behavioral Treatment For Good Sleep


Sleep is a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body. Eyes

usually close and consiousness is completely or partially lost so that there is

a decrease in the body movement and responsiveness to external stimuli.

Sleep can be termed as a rest for your entire body senses and a treatment to

reduce tensions and overcome the anxiety of fear and fright.

In day to day life where we form a routine our body movements work and in the

growing age where our hormones change we need to give our body some rest when

actually our mind works and the energy used to make those energies stop at a

particular point of time. We need to regain those energies again to have an

active part again. That movement of tensions fear and anxieties need to be

removed from the mind to gain a better sleep.

Then To Have A Better Sleep Stress Free Sleep Here Are Some Ways

1) Restrict the amount of time spent in bed as close as possible to the actual

sleep time

2) Go to bed only when sleepy not when fatigue

3) If we are unable to sleep more than 20 minutes go to another room and

return to the room only when sleep is imminent

4) Use the bed room for sleep only not for eating or watching television or

listening music

5) Maintain a schedule for sleeping times as per eight hours of sleep.

6) Avoid day time naps

7) Avoid drinking alcohol in the evenings do not help you to use it to sleep

8) Avoid caffeine such as tea coffee after mid afternoon

9) Exercise regularly during the day avoids evening Keep bedroom dark and


If you are finding yourself lying in bed and unable to sleep we should get up

and engage in some activity until you feel sleepy to return to bed. This will

help re-establish the bed as a cue for sleeping and not for lying.

Tips For Getting Back To Sleep

Do Visualization: Focus all your attention on your toes or visualize walking

down and endless stairwell. Thinking about repitative or mindless things will

help the brain to shut down and adjust to sleep.

Don’t Do Anything Stimulating: Don’t do anything jobs related or watch a

stimulating program. Don’t expose yourself to bright light. The light gives cues

to brain that it is the time to wake up

Eat Some Trytophan Products: Products such as turkey, milk, cottage cheese,

yogurt, chicken, cashews, Soya beans and tuna would be a good diet before


Meditation is a technique, which can be used to relax your mind and soul for

getting better sleep. Doing meditation concentration on eyes and heart is


These behavioral techniques can be used for a better sleep at night.


Source by Virgie Jennings

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