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One brand of Usenet always gets brought up when folks discuss who the best provider is. That brand is Astraweb. Sure there are providers like Newsdemon, Usenetserver and Supernews, but when being discussed in a Forum, it seems that Astraweb always has its loyal fans flock to rant how great it is. They claim to be the best value for the money usenet. Let’s see why….

There are two major things that attract folks to Astraweb. Price and Retention. Many usenet providers offer a good price but do not offer the best retention. Astraweb just happens to offer both. Accounts are $10 (Unlimited) to $15 per month (Unlimited DSL) for their unlimited packages. You are also able to purchase 3 months at a time for a slight discount on the Unlimited DSL package. The difference between the 2 unlimited packages is that they Unlimited DSL does not come with a speed limit while the regular unlimited packages come with a 1 Mbps per connection speed limit. On the positive side, you get 20 connections with their unlimited accounts. You can also buy block accounts. They call those packages “Pay by download” plans. They offer a very generous 25 GB for a $10 fee or a 180GB package for $25.

Astraweb’s retention is always growing. Their retention is the same across all groups. Some providers claim high retention levels because they have that retention level in a particular Newsgroup. Then they use this number as their advertised retention. Astraweb retention is across all groups. This means they will have more articles and content.

Another reason the Usenet community likes Astraweb is the free SSL that is included in all of their Usenet packages. This means that your traffic is encrypted so that others cannot see your traffic. They also have News Servers in the United States and in Europe.

Sometimes users will notice decreases in speed during very busy times and the occasional incomplete file on older posts. From time to time you read customers in forums discussing Astraweb’s SSL connections. If you ever have issue simply switch to the US or European server farm until issues are resolved. For the most part though the service is a very reliable. We only mention it to set the expectation that value access isn’t always perfect. Yet close to perfection can save you a lot of money.

When Astraweb first came to the market, many folks wondered who these players were. Over time, they gained more and more customers by offering a good track record for reliability. While they don’t offer a free trial they often run specials for new members.


Source by William D Roberts

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