Anonymity Taken to the Next Level – Omegle


Everyone is looking for way to retain his or her anonymity online but it is becoming more and more difficult with each passing moment. When someone joins a stranger chat site, he or she often has to create a detailed profile and provide verifiable information to the administrators of the website before they can even start to talk to other people. This is done for the protection of everyone on the website but it can stifle interesting interactions between people.

A new website, Omegle, hopes to change this in a small manner at least. When one visits this site, one can start to chat with a total stranger immediately. You don’t have to create a profile, think of a clever handle to use, or even to remember passwords so you can come back. Omegle allows users to chat with random strangers right away. If you don’t like the conversation you are having, just disconnect and move onto the next random stranger.

Leif K-Brooks is an eighteen-year-old high school student who created this new type of social website. He wanted to bring back some of the spontaneity of one-on-one chatting. K-Brooks hopes that people will be able to express themselves in ways that they have forgotten. Anonymity helps bolster people by providing an environment that allows people to say what they really feel and not worry about how it is perceived by others.

Omegle even has a blog devoted to the website. On the blog, people can find out what is new from the creator of the site. Two new additions to the Omegle site include text notification and a new iPhone application. Now people can chat with strangers by purchasing an app from Apple for Omegle.

People have this need to connect with other people and more and more people are finding it harder to do even in this technological age of instant gratification. Omegle hopes to provide some of the demands for interaction with others by allowing anonymous strangers to meet. One eighteen year old student has already found a romance by using the site. Omegle’s creator is happy to hear the site has accomplished so much so quickly but is a little concerned about its long-term ability to survive.


Source by Zandar Smith

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