All About the Juniper Certification


Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program targets specific platform applications and consists of written exam, hands-on practical test and troubleshooting test. The certification program is directed towards producing young and skillful IT experts who have thorough knowledge of the Internet, can handle different networks and are specifically competent to configure and troubleshoot the Juniper Networks.

Juniper certification program consists of four different tracks or spheres of networking which include Enterprise Routing, Network Security, Enterprise Switching and Firewall / VPN. It's totally up to the candidates to choose one of the four paths so that they can get their level of knowledge and skills certified by Juniper Networks in a particular networking subject.

While there are four different areas of networking regarding which Juniper Network certified those who pass the respective tests, there are also three different levels of expertise in each track, namely, expert, specialist and associate. Usually employers think of Juniper certified professionals as ideal candidates to fill in vacancies for network engineer, network manager and network security manager.

By being recognized as a Juniper certified expert, you can perform several complex functions relating to information technology and specifically related to networking. Juniper certifications provide young IT workers to increase their potential to be successful in their careers as these certifications are taken as a confirmation of the candidate's expertise by a superior authority.

In order to pass examination for Juniper certifications you have to be proactive and use multiple study resources while you would also be better off taking tests formulated on the same lines as the Juniper certification exams so that you can get to know what to expect when taking the real test.

In order to prepare yourself to the fullest possible extent, you can use exam simulation kits which are created to test your knowledge and skills about the subject just it will be tested in the Juniper certification exams. You would also be given a chance get an in-depth analysis of the wrong answers you will make during the simulation test.


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