Aion Cleric Leveling Guide


If leveling an Aion Cleric is your goal, you will have to begin by playing under the sub-class of Priest. When you reach level 9, you will have earned the right to attempt you Ascension Quest. When you complete this quest, you will be able to choose the Cleric path and your spells will acquire their distinctive character, this is where a good Aion cleric leveling guide comes into play.

The Clerics role is very much the main healer of any group.

Being the supreme healer in Aion, however don’t be fooled into thinking that they have problems solo questing or grinding because they also have a great range of offensive spells, and being able to wear chain armour with a shield and mace puts them at a distinct advantage for solo work, this also helps with survivability on the odd occasion of gaining agro while in groups.

Clerics have a great range of healing spells at their disposal that allow you to cover any eventuality, amongst these are spells that put a ‘tick’ heal onto the chosen target for example

‘Light of Rejuvenation’ and ‘Ancestral Yustiel’s Light’ (Stigma skill).

They have single target heals a larger heal that hits one target only like ‘Healing Light’ and ‘Light of Recovery’, and finally they also have group healing spells such as ‘Healing Wind’ and ‘Ancestral Yustiel’s Light’ (puts a large heal and tick on the target and heals 6 others within a radius)

Stigma Stones are a great way of being able to make your chosen class unique to others.

A quest is how you receive your first stigma stone, full details of how to rapidly progress in questing can be found in a more detailed Aion cleric leveling guide but briefly the quest is obtained at level 20 entitled ‘A Sliver of Darkness’ once you have completed this you will receive your stigma stone along with some stigma shards which you need to be able to equip the stone. You have 2 stigma slots at level 20. You get another one at level 30, another at 40 and so forth. Keep your stigma shards in your inventory along with the stigma stone that you prefer and pay a visit to the Stigma Master in your city. Elyos will see Sanctum, and Pandemonium caters to Asmodians.

Knowing Exactly Which Areas To Quest in, Which Quests To Take, and Which You Should Avoid.

Hopefully, the information and tips I’ve shared here were helpful enough to help you understand a little bit about the class and how to level. However, if you really want to power level, know where the best areas are, which exact quests to take, and how to get your wings and armor sets as fast and cheaply as possible you’ll need a professional Aion leveling guide.

I strongly recommend the Aion leveling guide that I’ve been working with.It has a great questing and grinding path designed to really speed up the process, I’m an ex Aion Beta player and it even helped me tremendously.


Source by Simon Fraser

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