A Review of Sensus Mattresses


For space age memory foam beds, there is little comparison for the line of Sensus mattresses produced by Foamex International. The company holds more than 225 patents for products ranging from sleep surfacing to outdoor furniture to specialized products created for home, commercial, and industrial applications. When it comes to high-technology polyurethane, if Foamex didn’t write the book, they at least contributed several chapters.

Most people who have purchased a Sensus Memory Foam mattress are quick to assert that it has been the best mattress they have ever owned. The high “memory” retention of the material means that will bounce back to its original shape night after night, and year after year, providing the same quality of sleep years later that were available the very first time it was used. Compared to other memory foams mattresses, there just isn’t any comparison to be made.

For an easy comparison, you might put it in a side by side test with a Sealy Memory Foam mattress. But I can warn you ahead of time that not even a comparison to its closest competitors will provide results that bear much relation. A Sensus mattress is crafted with superior quality that stands apart from the crowd, and nothing else will do more than come close to providing the same level of comfort.

Now, there are some complaints that have been found in consumer reviews, and we wouldn’t be providing a fair service if we didn’t include them. For one the cost is somewhat higher than other bedding of a similar type. And the most common complaint is that the material seems to absorb body heat and then reflect it back, making sleep on an untopped Sensus mattress sometimes a bit too warm for optimal comfort.

Beyond those two minor points, it is hard to find legitimate negative aspects. Sensus mattresses provide durability, comfort, and style in a system that can be easily moved about without fear of malformation of the surface. In the many consumer ratings we have investigated, this superior mattress material receives a unanimous superior rating, making it perhaps the most popular mattress of its type on the market today. Of course, the only real test is to try one out for yourself, and that is something that can be accomplished by reclining for only a few minutes on any size floor model.


Source by Robin Cassidy

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