4 Important Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing Memory Foam Mattresses


A memory foam mattress for your bed will definitely give you a night of ample rest and comfortable sleep. A variety of these mattresses have proliferated with varying propositions. It is best to be cautious and have some awareness which will definitely help you to select which foam that would really deliver its promise and providing incredible value to you.

First in the checklist for considering a memory foam mattress is its density. It has to be high enough to support your body properly. An ordinary cheap foam would average two to three lbs density; mid-grade, 3 to 4 lbs density; and good foam, over 4.5 lbs density. A density between 5.3 and 6.2 would be classified ideal, a number that ensures proper support for your body. If you choose a light grade foam, you can kiss comfort goodbye as this will not get back to its original form once used. So make sure that the foam is tested on human bodies. Read: real people. Tests in laboratories without the benefit of a human body defeat the purpose of the exercise. A mechanical testing device, and even a human dummy, won’t be able to approximate the uniqueness of the human body and the way it affects materials such as those found in memory foam mattresses.

At this point, it is important to know that the mattress is temperature sensitive, and this is a unique quality that is not found in other foams. Once you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the contact of the body against the mattress can cause an increase in body temperature. In that case, a mattress becomes softer in the said areas, thus lending little support for those parts. However, on a memory foam, an increase in temperature will realign it to follow the contour of the body, thus still giving the body the much-needed support. This adjustment is what makes the mattress superior in comfort.

When buying this type of mattress, ask your supplier whether you can test it a few days before making an actual purchase. With similar copycat mattresses out in the market, it is highly recommended to try for yourself whether a certain brand of mattress can provide you the benefits it advertises. Maybe you can retain a plastic cover for sanitary purposes, so the seller can pass it on to another buyer just in case you don’t find it convincing to get it. Try also to ask for other concessions such as a refund, exemption from re-stocking fee, or store exchange.

Another important factor to consider in buying memory foam mattresses is warranty. Sometimes we take this for granted but this is crucial in this transaction, and for any purchase, for that matter. What does the warranty cover? Will you be required as a buyer to pay for shipping or packaging? Also, look at the seller’s profile. They should have the lot to give outstanding after-sale service and warranties on the memory foam mattress products they offer. If it’s a company which has only been in the business a short while, instinct tells you that a lifetime warranty is something not in their league. You ought to think twice when made this offer.


Source by Lee Keith

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