3 Reasons To Invest In A Futon Mattress


Have you ever considered a Futon mattress? Most people give it one look and move on and they probably end up buying yet another spring mattress that will probably be not much better than the one they threw away. When it comes to mattresses the advertising often seduces us into buying the wrong products. A mattress is a significant investment and its something you probably don;t want to buy more than once every 5 years. When it comes to a Futon mattress the fact that it challenges our convention of what a mattress should look like is probably the biggest problem.

With that in mind, lets look at 3 important reasons to buy a Futon.

1. Support
Unlike spring mattresses and unlike a foam mattress a Futon is much more rigid and much more stiff. It does not rely on any mechanical components like springs and relies solely on the density of the filling material. It provides superior support and its firmness is said to support your back unlike any other mattress.

2. Lifetime
The average lifetime of a good spring mattress is about 5 to 7 years. Although some mattresses come with a 10 year warranty its usually just a warranty against the components. If you look at comfort and support, most mattresses start giving way after about 3 years. Futons are different. Springs wear out and foam starts to lose its form. With a futon you simply reshape the mattress by giving it a good shake out. It’ll be good as new. It can last a lifetime.

3. Price
Following on from the lifespan of the Futon mattress is important to take it into consideration. Futons are expensive but if you think about the lifespan of the mattress its really a value for money purchase. Its important that you buy quality though and you will reap the rewards for years to come.


Source by Deon Du Plessis

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