3 Natural And Full-Proof Ways To Clear Acne

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Acne breakouts can be embarrassing, annoying and a deserving of a host of other very nasty adjectives. They can be relentless, painful, and an acne breakout can often leave your face blemished for some time, during which you feel uncomfortable and awkward in social situations.

Acne is, in fact, the most common dermatological complaint in the world. It is a problem mostly faced by teenagers, as teenage is a period of hormonal imbalance that causes severe acne breakouts. Acne can occur in adults too. Some of the common triggers for acne are:

Stress: Stress can cause you to break out in pimples like nothing else can. A stressful lifestyle not only gives you guaranteed pimples, but it also does detrimental things to your health, such as causing hormonal imbalance, weakening your immune system, etc

Nutrient imbalance (especially vitamin deficiency): Acne is often a sign that something is going wrong inside. Vitamin deficiencies are often the cause of acne.

Lack of sleep: Sleep is an absolute necessity in maintaining good health. You have to sleep it out if you wish to avoid pimples. For many people, a chronic lack of sleep can cause a relentless acne attack.

Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalances often cause pimples, and this can not only happen in teenagers, but in adults too.

Dirt: Pollution often leads to the clogging up of skin pores on your face. This leads to the formation of the dreaded acne.

Many over the counter acne treatments are available. Some of them might be great in addressing pimples, but a lot of them do nothing at all, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that some of them can actually seriously worsen your condition. All acne removers may not be suited to your skin, and you can face such things as allergic reactions. Additionally, there have been complaints that some of these cures leave your skin feeling dry and looking lifeless. And these specialized acnes cures and be pretty expensive too.

On the other hand, many completely natural solutions can rid you of acne without much hassle, and without any damage to your facial skin. The following three tips can give you a glowing, pimple free face that can boost your confidence like nothing else:

· Wash your face regularly: Washing your face regularly can clear up your skin pores, and this really helps with removing acne and preventing them from bursting out. You can use a regular face wash with scrubbers to dislodge dirt from your skin pores.

One great natural scrubber is white sugar. You can lather your face with regular face wash, and use crystal sugar to scrub your face and remove all dirt and pollutants from your skin pores. This is very effective, and leaves you with glowing, healthy looking skin.

· Watch your diet: The diet plays a huge role in your health, and a good diet helps prevent all sorts of complications and illnesses. As pimples can often be caused by vitamin deficiencies, remember to take foods rich in vitamins. Such foods include carrots, oranges, lemons, spinach, liver, marine fish and eggs.

One more important tip is this: Drink water. Three liters of water a day is an absolute must for anyone looking to be healthy and rid themselves of health complications. Acne can often be a symptom of chronic dehydration. Drinking lots of water helps your body rid itself of toxins and pollutants, which has a direct impact on your pimples.

· Rest: Your body has to be well rested in order to function properly and heal itself. Often, pimple outbreaks may be caused by nothing more than chronic lack of sleep. So try to get at least eight hours of sleep per day. You may sleep more if you feel the need.

Another component to being well rested is to remain stress free. Try to rid your lifestyle of as much stress as possible, and watch your pimples disappear like magic.

A healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest and a good diet can often get rid of your pimples without having to resort to expensive pimple care products. Try using the tips above to give your face that pimple free boost you desire.


Source by Sifat Siddique

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